Rotary Club of Chariho
Mar 19, 2024
Sara Canabarro
Rhode Island's innovative e-bike and e-vehicle program

Recognizing the role electric mobility can have on reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality, Rhode Island officials began offering rebates for the purchase of e-bikes. A total of $250,000 in rebates are available, $150,000 of which is reserved for low-to-moderate income residents. Rebates for most purchasers is either $400 or 30% of the final purchase price of the bicycle, whichever is greater. Low income purchasers can get rebates of up to $1,000 or 75% of the final purchase price. The program is available to all Rhode Island residents 18 and older who purchase e-bikes within the state. Once the bike is purchased, participants can submit an application to receive their rebate. 

Electric micromobility can be an active, environmentally-friendly substitute to personal cars, and incentive programs like Rhode Island’s are key in reducing congestion, improving air quality, and reaching sustainability goals.