Oct 19, 2021
Guilia Jaramillo
Licensed Psychotherapist

Rarely does a story hold the power and emotion of "Navigating in the Dark"—a roller-coaster ride of deception, truth, and the damage that can be created in a young, disabled girl’s life when everyone around her is keeping a secret… Author and practicing Psychotherapist Giulia Jaramillo was born with a disease called Macular Degeneration, but it took 35 years of searching to find out about the truth of her condition, and the web of deceit that kept her in the dark about who she really was. Her journey from childhood abuse and trauma to success as an esteemed psychotherapist in her community is inspiring and compelling. With honesty and expertise derived from years of training, Giulia tells the story of a girl lost in confusion—her life full of lies, physical and emotional abuse, and the pain of being branded as the “dumb, blind girl” for so many years. In this stunning portrayal of the difficult world that the disabled may face, Jaramillo offers hope to all of us: the power of truth, compassion, and the positive practices that will transform despair into determination and purpose. "Navigating in the Dark" will shock you, and wake you up! Everyone who picks up this book will be moved by the story, and see clearly the changes needed if we truly desire a better, more inclusive world.