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Rotary Club of Chariho Scholarships
   Rotary Club of Chariho Scholarship Awards
Scholarship Night Tuesday, July 26, 6:30 p.m. Richmond County Club
Brad Friel
Every year The Rotary Club of Chariho awards area high school seniors with the Bradley Friel Memorial Scholarship. It is available to students who reside in the towns of Exeter, Charlestown, Hopkinton and Richmond.
This scholarship is given in the name of Brad Friel, one of the founding members of the Rotary Club of Chariho. Brad was posthumously named the Centennial Rotarian of the Year, in recognition of his dedication to  Rotary and area philanthropy.
Brad Friel had held every position of the Board of Directors and was Chair of each Avenue of Service, at least once. Brad also maintained perfect attendance for 30 years.
The Scholarship Committee is currently chaired by Frank Hopkins, and assisted by Lance Vars, Stu Douglas, Dr. Larry Dunn and Liz Pasqualini.
The 2022 Recipients     
Catherine Allenson Richmond 
Mathew Beaudry Charlestown 
Julia Fortune Hope Valley 
Bridget Fox Charlestown 
Isabelle Sullivan-Rackliff Hope Valley 
Morgan Beck Exeter 
The 2021 Recipients 
Nathan Berry Carolina 
Daria DiBiasio Carolina 
Megan Dickerman Carolina 
Paige Grissom Richmond 
Colby Elwell Charlestown 
Sonya Eklof Exeter 
The 2020 Recipients 
Chloe Shilale Bradford 
Sky Laurent-Kingsley Richmond 
Dreydan Cianci Wyoming 
Sybil Eklof Exeter 
The 2019 Recipients 
Drew Babineau Charlestown 
Kylie Burns Richmond 
Gabriella Huzyk Charlestown 
Avery Daigle Exeter 
The 2018 Recipients 
Mariah King Carolina 
Brenna Fox Wyoming 
Tucker Curtis Charlestown 
Lacey Griffin West Greenwich 
The 2017 Recipients 
Alfiero, Marissa Charlestown 
Fox, Mackenzie Charlestown 
Murphy, Mary Ashaway 
Zenga, Robert Hope Valley 
Ricciutti, Thomas West Greenwich 
The 2016 Recipients 
Moorehouse, Jessica Charlestown 
Bueno, Seth Ashaway 
Gunning, Zoe Charlestown 
Franco, Dominic Ashaway 
Depadua, Paul Exeter 
The 2015 Recipients 
Walsh, Kendra Wyoming 
NeJame, Jessica Charlestown 
Darmanin, Jason Bradford 
Rumsey, Sarah Exeter 
Marriott, Elena Charlestown 
The 2014 Recipients
Joseph Miceli, Exeter
Jocelyn Foraker, Hope Valley
Jesse Jacque, Richmond
Jacob Migdail-Smith, Hope Valley 
The 2013 Recipients
Sophia Neff (Exeter)
Brittaney Zenga (Hope Valley)
Hannah Baker (Ashaway)
The 2012 Recipients
Dianna Detora (Ashaway) - Grills Scholarship
Hannah Masse (Wyoming)
Megan Anderson (Charlestown)
Kimberly Rousseau (Carolina)
Abbey Dallas (West Greenwich)
The 2011 Recipients
Mark Baker (Charlestown) - Grills Scholarship
Neil LaBier (Carolina)
William Law (Charlestown)
Melanie McCauley (Charlestown)
Katherine Umling (Waskom)
The 2010 Recipients
Leah Walsh, Wyoming                      
Ariana Clements, Exeter                 
Sean Gilman, Hopkinton                
Austin Demers, Charlestown        
Kelly-Erin Whalen, Wyoming      
The  2009 Recipients
Haley Anderson, Richmond            
Lotte Sherman, S. Kingstown         
David Hurley, Hopkinton               
Katherine Mattook, Exeter             
 2008 Recipients
Maj-Lis Finnegan, Charlestown       
Elisabeth Anderson, Hope Valley    
Megan Byron,  Charlestown,            
Chelsea Gratt, Exeter                     
 2007 Recipients                                                       Stu Douglas and Moji Friel join the recipients
Robert Walsh
William Anderson
Mackenzie Fenton
Joshua Fallon
Brittany Davis
Heidi Johnson
Brett Hinchey
Quinn Traendly
Katie Cherenzia
Kelly Johnson
Laura Munson                                                                              
Mathew Woyak                                        
Greg Turco
Kate Fales
Katherine Gibbons
Melissa Fales
Zachary Fallon
Amanda Jordan
Ashley Walsh
Colleen Turner
LeAnn Convoy
Matthew Hooper
Megan Locke
Rebecca Anderson
Richard Ashworth
Chloe E. Mako
Kristen Messing
Sarah Hubblings
Thomas Pirnie
Kate Fales
Chloe E. Mako
Allison Como
Heather Coleman
Mark Kasahuski
Elizabeth Steadman
Stacy Ethier
Chloe E. Mako
Kelly A. Sylvia
Meghan E. McCabe
Robin P. Poole
Timothy A. Brusseau
Ashley Morgan
Christopher Dumas
Amanda Rhodes