Rotary Club of Chariho
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Club Assembly Mar 05, 2024
Board meeting
Karen Hawthorn Mar 12, 2024
The Elms Retirement Residence, Inc.
Sara Canabarro Mar 19, 2024
Rhode Island's innovative e-bike and e-vehicle program

Recognizing the role electric mobility can have on reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality, Rhode Island officials began offering rebates for the purchase of e-bikes. A total of $250,000 in rebates are available, $150,000 of which is reserved for low-to-moderate income residents. Rebates for most purchasers is either $400 or 30% of the final purchase price of the bicycle, whichever is greater. Low income purchasers can get rebates of up to $1,000 or 75% of the final purchase price. The program is available to all Rhode Island residents 18 and older who purchase e-bikes within the state. Once the bike is purchased, participants can submit an application to receive their rebate. 

Electric micromobility can be an active, environmentally-friendly substitute to personal cars, and incentive programs like Rhode Island’s are key in reducing congestion, improving air quality, and reaching sustainability goals. 

Seth Mastin & Matt Mania Mar 26, 2024
Higher Frequency Media
Club Assembly and Angela Ponte visit Apr 02, 2024
Board Meeting
Catie Alves Apr 09, 2024
Save the Bay

Save The Bay®-Narragansett Bay is a member-supported nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and improving Narragansett Bay and all the waters that flow into it. The Narragansett Bay watershed offers 400 miles of coastline and stretches 1,705 square miles inland, covering most of Rhode Island and much of Massachusetts. Its 3,500 miles of streams and rivers carry water into the Bay from over one hundred towns and cities with 1.95 million people. Our vision, since 1970, is a fully swimmable, fishable, healthy Narragansett Bay, accessible to all.

Club Assembly May 07, 2024
Board Meeting
Club Assembly Jun 04, 2024
Board Meeting
Million $ Meal Jun 11, 2024
Golf tournament prep night
Tim Babcock Jun 18, 2024
Golf tournament re-cap
Angela Ponte Jun 21, 2024
2024 - 2025 Offficer Installation Dinner
Gil Barnes Jun 25, 2024
Community Grant Night
Club Assembly Jul 02, 2024
Club Officer Installation